Batibot, The Original Educational Show in the Philippines

I have been receiving email and comments in my Educational DVD post. They are asking me where to find a DVD or VCD version of the original, if not the best education show in the Philippines, Batibot.

Since Batibot was originally aired under RPN-9, I can only say to the (great) parents who asked me about Batibot to try ask RPN people or the executive producer of the Show – Fely De Los Angeles-Bautista.

History of Batibot

Long before computer memory became cheap and widely available, there is Batibot. Batibot is a children’s television program from the Philippines, based on Sesame Street. Premiering in 1984, with the name Sesame!, and eventually renamed Batibot several years later. Batibot in Filipino means “small, but strong and robust“. As Sesame!, the program used both English and Filipino as the media of communication, but after evolving into Batibot, the show became a completely Filipino language children’s educational show.

It was produced by the Sesame Workshop (Children’s Television Workshop) and Philippine Children’s Television Foundation, Inc. (PCTVF). CTW broke this relationship with PCTVF in 1989.

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