4rth Visit To The OB/Gyne

Yep, today is our fourth visit to the OB. And here are my wife’s vitals:

Age of gestation: 19 3/7  (18 weeks)

Blood pressure: 90/60

Weight: 96 pounds

Abdominal circumference: Fit at the level of the womb

Fetal heart beat: 160 per minute

Those are just few of the information that the doctor has noted down to my wife’s (what?) ‘Pregnancy Booklet‘? Here’s a quick snapshot of it (using XDA Zinc):

Anyway, from our third visit to the OB last September 13, I told you about the vitamins that she’s taking, or will be taking (then). She’s been taking it since July.. As seen also on the picture from the link.

From that post, I said:

I was expecting Natalbes since that was what her OB before during her first pregnancy.

Well, today at her 5th month she was prescribed to finally take Natalbes once a day every morning. Apparently, Natalbes is for pregnant women who are in their fifth month.

Aside from Natalbes, she’s also¬† advised to take i n Trev Iron once a day, during night time.

The OB asked my wife if she’s taken the vaccination (forgot what it was), and she said yes. Will ask her what else hey talked about and update this post.

Right now, it’s late and the wife is calling me.. asking for a massage.

Have a good night! :D

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